Correlated Chaos
Slow Motion


A captivating short commercial for the Czech National Ballet Theatre.


Be stubborn about your goals but flexible about your methods.
I love inscriptions on flyleaves and notes in margins, I like the comradely sense of turning pages someone else turned, and reading passages someone long gone has called my attention to.
Helene Hanff, 84, Charing Cross Road (via observando)

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Audrey Hepburn at a party honouring her return to London after the filming of Roman Holiday, 1953.
Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror.
Just keep going. No feeling is final.
Rainer Maria Rilke, The Book of Hours (via larmoyante)

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Everything you want is coming. Relax and let the Universe pick the timing and the way. You just trust that it is coming and watch how fast it comes.
Abraham Hicks (via chanelbagsandcigarettedrags)

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